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Mar 9, 2014

OneSql Client 0.2 (alpha)

OneSql Client 0.2 (alpha) is now available. Same locations as before:
New in 0.2
This release fixes the error reporting model. I had noticed the WinJS app was not getting errors when I released 0.1. I thought I was doing something wrong that could be easily fixed. It turns out the WinRT interop layer can only surface a single HRESULT value from a component to a WInJS app, i.e. the exception instance – its type, message, stack, etc. is lost.
To fix that WinRT deficiency, I had to replace throwing exceptions with raising custom errors. That is now done through a special Error object that is exposed on both SqlClient and TdsClient. An app has to examine that Error property upon a promise error. The Error object contains a Code and a Message properties.
Notice that this release is still “alpha”. It will remain like that until I have a sufficient coverage through test automation. That is the next thing on my list.
I will appreciate feedback. Please send email to

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