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Dec 20, 2014

Introducing OneSql Client ADO.NET 0.1 (alpha)

I’ve made two releases this week. The important one is OneSql.Client.AdoNet 0.1 (alpha). That is an ADO.NET adapter on top of OneSql.Client. There are a few important things to keep in mind when you try to adopt it:


The OneSql.Client.AdoNet package needs these two other packages:

Supported API

Unless you stick exclusively to -Async methods, you are likely to get a NotSupportedExecption. There are two messages – one for each of the reasons:

  • Synchronous operations are not supported.
    This message means that this call may require a roundtrip to the server which cannot be done synchronously. If there is an –Async version of this method, use that. Otherwise, try to find a workaround that doesn’t utilize this method.
  • This feature is not supported.
    This message means that OneSql Client hasn’t implemented the necessary part of the TDS protocol to enable this feature. You may search this blog to find out what is supported and what is not. For this kind of exceptions, you should be able to find a workaround.
    If you feel strongly about a missing feature, feel free to send me an email at That doesn’t mean I’ll agree to implement it right away, but if I hear from a good number of people, I may do so.
Entity Framework

Enabling Entity Framework is the ultimate test for an ADO.NET provider. I will really appreciate your effort to migrate an EF-based app to Windows Store/Phone using OneSql Client ADO.NET. I’m sure you’ll get NotSupportedException’s please send me those call stacks. I’ll truly appreciate that.


The second release is an update on OneSql Client itself. It contains 2 bug fixes plus retargeting both Windows Store and Windows Phone. I expect more such updates as testing on the ADO.NET adapter continues.

I’ll continue posting notifications about new releases on Follow it if you want to stay informed.

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