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Nov 23, 2011

Rest in Peace, PFX

This is a milestone in my career at Microsoft that marks the end of About Me @ Microsoft (part II), but it doesn’t yet mark the beginning of “Part III”. Part III is unclear at this moment. (I hope there will be such a part). I should know more in about a week or two.

Briefly, without disclosing any details:

The PFX team (Parallel .NET Framework Extensions) no longer exists.

By “the PFX team” I mean the people, not the products. The codebase still exists. There is another team that is chartered to maintain it, but no PFX developer is on that team. I don’t know what the future of those products will be, and I doubt there is anybody who knows that at this point. So please don’t ask me. I can only hope innovation in .NET parallelism will continue.

Looking back, I feel lucky that I’ve had the rare chance to be part of the PFX team. The knowledge I’ve gained during these two years is priceless. I came with a few ideas I wanted to explore, and now I’m leaving with a lot more.

While I’m sad about how abruptly things ended, I’m looking at it positively – it’s the trigger I needed to take the next step in my career. I am looking ahead empowered for new adventures.

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